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General Practice

A general practice office in Lincoln

Family Practice Specialists LLC is a general practice office in the Lincoln area. We are capable of handling everything from acute medical care issues to preventative services for our patients. All ages are welcome at our facility, from infants through adults. We are experienced and friendly, and we take pride in providing educational opportunities for those in our care. If you're looking for a doctor who will work with you and your family to make sure your health is a number one priority, please contact us today.
Pediatrician doctor examining child

Acute and chronic illnesses

Family Practice Specialists LLC is able to work with patients that have both acute and chronic illnesses. We treat many different conditions and can handle a variety of problems right here in the office. If we aren't able to address your specific medical need, we are able to make a referral for you. If you need some help diagnosing or managing an illness, contact us today.

Preventative care

At Family Practice Specialists LLC we provide a range of preventative care services to our patients. From basic school physicals to blood pressure checks or pap smears, we are able to handle many of these tasks and tests right here. Our doctors can talk with you about your family history as well and discuss any preventative tests you may want to consider based on that information.


At Family Practice Specialists LLC we believe good health care has an educational component. Whether it's talking to patients about the potential side effects of a particular medication or sharing educational brochures about a health condition, we are here to help. We encourage our patients to learn as much as they can about their health, and we try to do our part to assist in this endeavor.
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